Thursday, 19 November 2015

Love your Lingerie.

My excessive love for Lingerie is no secret to my close friends and i enjoy finding unusual and one off pieces to collect. From matching 2 piece sets to bodies and harnesses i love that feeling of sexiness under your clothes even if know one else see's it but you!

I used to be really shy with my body as i always thought i needed a boob job as i am a lot smaller on my upper half than my lower, but until last year something just clicked and i become body confident and found ways on how to work my body and make myself feel good. 

My tricks for a better body in Lingerie.
- Get a regular bra fitting! Its so important to be on top of your sizing, there is nothing worse than bad fitting underwear.
- Highlight your assets. I like to use Shimmy Shimmy bar from Lush and rub it over the places that you want to express to give it a little extra glow. 
- The whole package. If you want your body to feel good maintain it! I get regular manicures and pedicures, a tan always makes me feel better too.  

"To me, Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It's about knowing and accepting who you are."

Lingerie is definitely one of my favourite things to buy and i have spent a little too much money on finding the most beautiful things. I have many favourite brands of underwear as each designer i like caters to different moods. Intimissimi is probably the brand i get the majority of underwear from, their Italian classy underwear is perfect for that sexy feeling it also fits comfortably and is a reasonable price too, they range from dark and dareish to fun cute and colourful. 


Ann summers has been a long favourite of mine since I was young. I don't think you can go wrong with their underwear! These pieces I wanted to share with you because I don't think they look like typical ann summers style which I really like.  

Over the last year i tried to go to as many lingerie sample sales as i could, not only find bargains but to find new brands. I went to the Nichole de Carle sample sale early this year and was blown away with their unique style and had to purchases 1 or 2 or maybe 12 items! NDC underwear is more for a special occasion i would say and i wouldn't recommend wearing some of it under clothes as the strappy style isn't that practical. 

Nichole de Carle

Agent provocateur is every girls dream, i saw this beauty a while ago and knew as soon as i saw it i had to buy it! 
With love lily (featured in my Bloggers Fashion Week post) is a new little favourite of mine. I don't normally go for dainty pretty underwear but the range is beautiful and would look great on any shape or size. 
With Love Lilly

Calvin Klein is the best underwear for lounging around the house. The famous 2 piece sets are so comfortable and so are the triangle bras. 
Calvin Klein

Having good underwear on makes such a difference to your mood, if you don't believe me try it and you'll see.

Lauren x


  1. hey lauren! loved this blog post. id like to recommend a book to you called 'Lessons From Madame Chic', its a really easy read but i think its something you might like :)

  2. Coco! Its all starting to make sense now!! ;-)

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